Youth | Tallinn Music Week
2-8 April 2018 – Tallinn, Estonia


TMW Youth is a special programme curated by youngsters themselves. There are “teenage kicks“ gigs at Uuskasutus thrift store and talk sessions on topics they care about the most.


Youth Talks

Tuesday, April 3 16.00
Must Puudel (Müürivahe 20)
Youth Talks: “We don’t need no education!”

Estonia just celebrated its centennial. What would/should our education system look like after another hundred years have gone by? Who are the real deciders when it comes to education, how does the teacher-student dynamic look like and will we still need papers and pens or will it all be digital? People with a stake in today’s education discuss solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

Moderator: Marcus Ehasoo, Vice Chairman of School Student Councils’ Union

Astrid Sildnik. Member of the board at The Estonian Association of Teachers
Grete Elmi, project manager at Universal Music Baltics
Priit Kruus, lecturer at Tallinn University


Wednesday, April 4 16.00
Must Puudel (Müürivahe 20)
Youth Talks: City is ours!

There is a general consensus that urban environments need to be functional and serve the needs of the people. There is a wider variety of opinion regarding how this should be done. The topics of street sport, historic environments, bike paths, parking spaces and public transport are mashed together in a daring discussion which invites everyone to have their say.

Moderator: Joosep Kään. TMW Youth Programme Managere

Keerdtrepp, Youtuber
Tõnis Savi, architect, Initiator of Tallinn Bicycle Week
Züleyxa Izmailova, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn


Thursday, April 5 16.00
Must Puudel (Müürivahe 20)
Bazar presents: Attention, the doors are opening! #greatestcourage

Is there a language barrier in the internet or do Estonian speaking youth mix and mingle freely with their Russian speaking peers? Are there discernible differences between how Estonian and Russian speaking youth engage with social media? How can youth play a part in promoting tolerance not only in the internet, but in real life? Is there a distinction?

Moderators: Valeria Lavrova, organizer of Bazar Talks and Aleksandr Žemžurov, host at Estonian Television and Raadio 4

Victoria Villig, Youtuber
Aleks Sakson, musician
Rita Rätsepp, psychologist
Eva Lennuk, graduate student of Narva Estonian Gymnasium


LIGHTS ON! Youth night

Thursday, April 5th 19.00–23.00
Liivalaia Uuskasutuskeskus (Liivalaia 29)
Ticket €5

Liivalaia Uuskasutuskeskus (Re-use Centre) will host the Lights On! party curated by TMW Youth team. Here’s your chance to sift through clothing racks, while listening to ace bands and DJ-s and strike a pose in front of the #hoolin photo wall.

19.00 Doors
19.30 Propazha (EE)
20.15 Hommage (EE)
21.00 myspace01 (EE)