Kids | Tallinn Music Week
2-8 April 2018 – Tallinn, Estonia


TMW Kids is a special programme for kids consisting creative workshops from sound experience composing. On April 8th, the programme is presented by Estonian Children’s Literature Centre.


The content of the workshops touches on a range of different exciting subjects: there is the ukulele workshop hosted by Andre Maaker, where you can learn the melody and chord progression to one song (if you have a ukulele of your own, feel free to bring it); you can also attend Silver Sepp’s workshop of fantasy instruments, where items that are not usually touted as musical are used for that exact purpose. The workshop teaches participants to discover music in the most mundane and ambient of circumstances because music really is everywhere. Composer Taavi Tulev teaches using sounds from the wide world to create electronic music – you can both bring along a USB with pre-recorded sounds or record sounds on the spot. Heidy Purga shares insights on the art of DJing, and under the guidance of Kertu Sillaste, you can make your own album cover for your favourite TMW artist. Vajé, who reached new fame at Eesti Laul, teach the intricacies of making pop music and discuss on where songs come from. To top it off, Kätlin Vainola’s workshop teaches creative writing and various tricks on how to convert sounds, feelings, and thoughts into words, whilst Estonia’s premier emcee Genka teaches a workshop on hip-hop: both a brief lesson on what hip-hop is, as well as a guideline on how to do it yourself. Bring a pen and a pad, curiosity, and any cool rhymes that you think of beforehand.


Saturday, April 7th
11 am – 1 pm
 Kahvliahvi cooking school at TMW pop up restaurant at Design and Architecture Gallery (Pärnu mnt 6)

Sunday, April 8th
Musical workshops at Estonian Children’s Literature Centre (Pikk 73)

12 am TMW Children’s Stage opening concert: Silver Sepp
1 pm – 1:50 pm Workshops: Silver Sepp, Kätlin Vainola, Heidy Purga, Taavi Tulev, Kertu Sillaste
1:50 pm – 2 pm Break
2 pm – 3 pm Workshops: Andre Maaker, Genka, Vajé, Taavi Tulev, Kertu Sillaste