Restaurants | Tallinn Music Week
2-8 April 2018 – Tallinn, Estonia


Pop-up resto Ungru
Pärnu mnt. 6

The TMW pop-up restaurant has become a popular hotspot during the festival in the centrally located Design and Architecture Gallery. This year the cookery will be brought to the mainland by Andrus Talvari from the soul-food restaurant Ungru on Estonia’s second biggest island Hiiumaa, presenting the best flavours from the island’s kitchen prepared with modern cooking techniques.

“We hope to offer the festival guests something special, yet simple and homely – just like life on the island,“ says the Chef de Cuisine of TMW pop-up restaurant.

Open: Mon-Sat 12PM – 1AM Sun 12PM – 3PM
Reservations: (+372) 5553 1230
10% discount to festival pass owners

Andrus Talvari

Chef de cuisine Andrus Talvari

Favorite raw produce
I don’t have a favorite. Food, produce, tastes are like music that changes depending on day, stat of mind and position of the stars. Today my favorite is parsley root – I can may both sweet and salty dishes of it.

Food philosophy
My philosophy is awareness – know who grew and where the produce is from and choose clean food. Pure and natural tastes and interesting combinations are important for creating something good and exciting in the kitchen.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Seaweed, insects and nuts.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Kadri Voorand, Progress, Põhja Konn, Tõnu Naissoo Hammond Trio, Three Leg dog.

Väike-Karja 5

August is not just a gentleman’s given name but also the name of the most pleasant month in a year. The initial idea behind the coffee shop was to have an all-year summer vibe in Tallinn’s Old Town – with locally roasted coffee, tasty food and hand-picked background music.

Open: Mon-Thu: 9AM – 11PM Fri: 9AM – 2AM  Sat: 11AM – 2AM Sun: 11AM – 9PM
Phone: (+372) 508 6022
15% discount to festival pass owners

Kadi Meriluht

Chef de cuisine Kadi Meriluht

Favorite raw produce
Salads and herbs. They are fresh and aromatic, yet earthy and bitter. Evoking childhood landscape memories.

Food philosophy
Food is something that can not be left undone. Way of making food is rather unconventional. Interested in dining as synesthetic experience.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Daily something which can be sensed more abstract, that is processed more automatically and is globally standardized. In accord with the physical and chemical needs of the human body. More ethical food taking in consideration the environment and animals. Meat in vitro, if any. Aesthetic food culture could become more rarefied. Focus on primary qualities of raw products. Illegal consuming of animal origin products.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
C Duncan, Aisha Orazbayeva, Indrek Spungin, Katja Adrikova

TMW special menu
Cream soup of kale with quail egg and sorrel
Gras fed beef flank steak with grilled tomatoes and spruce pesto
Red currant sorbet with meringue and lemon balm dressing

Babulja café and restaurant
Pärnu mnt. 2

Restaurant Babulja is located on the border of Tallinn’s Old Town, in the historic Hinke tower and the two buildings attached to it. The restaurant offers a delicious Nordic cuisine with Russian soul prepared by the head chefs Martin Ludvig and Robert Piho. Babulja welcomes its guests with warmth, pleasant service and an unforced atmosphere. There are main courses for vegetarians, as well as for meat and fish lovers and desserts that will melt in your mouth. Babulja is also known for its unique house schnapps’ and liqueurs made on the spot. The café-cocktail bar on the ground floor offers blinis from the traditional Russian cuisine, flavored dumplings and exciting cocktails.

Mon-Tue: 5PM-11PM Wed-Thur: 5PM-12AM Fri-Sat: 12PM-1AM Sun: 12PM-11PM

Mon-Tue: 11:30AM-11PM Wed-Thur: 11:30AM-12AM Fri-Sat: 11:30AM-2AM Sun: 11:30AM-11PM

Phone: (+372) 502 4752
10% discount to festival pass owners

Martin Ludvig ja Robert Piho

Chef de Cuisines Martin Ludvig & Robert Piho

Favorite raw produce
Martin: Butter – base of every dish, stabilizer and makes everything more richer!
Robert: Egg – because you can play with it in so many different dishes from salty to sweet ones.

Food philosophy
Martin: Play with it what You have!
Robert: Using raw materials without any soul, You wont find it in the dish either!

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Martin: Hopefully humankind will head back to the root level.
Robert: If the humankind will have the change to live on this planet Earth so long, probably tablets.

TMW special menu

Soured Milk Plin (russian style pancake) with red caviar & smetana
Beef & pork pelmeni in creamy mushroom sauce
Babulja’s Crumblecake

Generous selection of starters for two- Variety of 8 different snacks from our chef
Chicken Kiev- with pea sauce and burnt broccoli
Pavlova Cake

And of course our house infused vodkas- raspberry, cranberry, walnut-maple syrup, honey-horseradish


Björn espresso bar
Maakri 28B

An environment fashioned after old Europe’s espresso bars – small in size but with a long queue for coffee. The quality of the brew is astounding, the service is friendly and relaxed, the atmosphere classical, but modern. And as a magnificent extra – croissants and special cakes straight from the oven that surprise you every day!

Phone: (+372) 5919 4400
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-7PM Sat 11AM-7PM
20% discount to festival pass owners from pastries and cakes

Kalle Kollom

Head barista Kalle Kollom

Favorite raw produce
El Salvador coffee, beans of the right region are divine!

Coffee philosophy
Coffee offers pure pleasure to its drinker every single day. I want to offer the joy making a better cup of joe than the last one.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Hopefully, it won’t change very much


Pikk 31

Restaurant Bollywood is a melting pot of cultures where the 21st century meets the medieval atmosphere. A prime selection of Indian, Thai and Chinese dishes can be enjoyed in a cosy interior with relaxing music and attentive service. The head chef Swapan Kumar Mitra from India has put together an imaginative menu balancing tradition and innovation by using local seasonal ingredients in a dazzling array of Asian dishes.

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 12AM-11PM Fri-Sat 12AM-12PM Sun 12AM-10PM
Phone: (+372) 644 2445
10% discount to festival pass owners

Swapan Kumar Mitra

Chef de Cuisine Swapan Kumar Mitra

Favorite raw produce
My favorite produce are local vegetables as they are fresh and delicious!

Food philosophy
I prepare food by traditional recipes and always use the best local ingredients to do it

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
I think that more vegetable-derived food.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Curly Strings, Põhja Konn, Sooäär, Trad Attack

TMW special menu
Salmon fillet grilled in Tandoor oven served with fresh salad and naan
Duck fillet in Kashmir style served with Basmati rice


Pikk 45

Bona is more than just a restaurant or a bar. It’s cosy yet stylish, classic yet modern, exciting yet familiar. Famous for its wide variety of unique gin-cocktails, beers and wines for any taste and a food menu with a twist.

Phone: (+372) 6464 444
Opening hours: Mon-Thur 12PM-10PM Fri-Sat 12PM-1AM
15% discount to festival pass owners

Egert Eilmann and Gleb Strelkov

Chef de cuisines Egert Eilmann ja Gleb Strelkov

TMW special menu
Foamed pumpkin cream soup with garlic and bacon chips
Organic beet risotto
Piglet with juniper berry and spices served with foil baked potato, farm butter and fresh dill
Bread ice-cream with lingonberry and sea buckthorn coulis

Burger Box
Kopli 4

Just like regular street food, but with new, spicy and Asian touch. The menu offers burgers, falafels, fries, kimchi fries and soup.

Open: Tue-Thur 2 PM-9PM Fri-Sat 2PM-1AM Sun 2PM-9PM
10% discount to festival pass owners

Burger Box

Chef de cuisine Tambet

Favorite raw produce
Black pepper. Keeps the snake away!

Food philosophy
Cash only and lets get weird

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Who cares

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Kapitan Korsakov and Teksti-tv 666. My idea of rocknroll!

TMW special menu
Kimchi fries


Gotsu Kyuho’s kitchen
Pärnu mnt. 62

Rustic Korean kitchen.

Open: Mon-Fri 12PM – 8PM
Phone: (+372) 614 0022
15% discount to festival pass owners

Kyuho Lee

Chef de cuisine Kyuho Lee

Favorite raw produce
Eggs from the local farm. They are fresh, nutritious and versatile.

Food philosophy
Keep it simple.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Each other..?

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Curly Strings

TMW special menu
Fresh salad and rice noodles with chilli dressing
Spicy prawns and vegetables
Banana fritters

Raekoja plats 17

Kaerajaan has a fun design and concept just like its namesake simple and childish Estonian folk dance. The interior is inspired by Estonian traditional handicraft and complements well the modern Estonian cuisine that combines Estonian and world tastes.

Open: Mon-Sun 12PM – 22PM
Phone: (+372) 615 5400
15% discount to festival pass owners

Relika Uustalu ja Maris Tiitre

Chef de cuisines Maris Tiitre & Relika Uustalu

Favorite raw produce
There is no specific favourite raw produce but we prefer organically produced flavours. If we have to name preferable food then it would be fish and seafood.

Food philosophy
Variety, quality raw produce. To use local ingredients in our kitchen as much as possible.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Alvistar funk Association, Andre Maaker

TMW special menu
Smoked salmon tar-tar
Duck confit with apple cider sauce
Chocolate cake

Kalasadama 8

Klaus is a cosy café-restaurant located exactly where an urban town dweller feels comfortable and relaxed – by the sea.
Open: Mon: 9AM – 10PM Tue-Fri 9AM – 11PM  Sat 10AM – 11PM Sun: 10AM- 10PM
Phone: (+372) 5691 9010
15% discount to festival pass owners

Toomas Lääts

Chef de cuisine Toomas Lääts

Favorite raw produce
Everything that Estonian nature gives. Favorite produce depends on the season and what I can find from the forest during the time. Early spring offers eatage – oxalis, cowslip, ramson and dock. During midsummer I find chanterelle and wild strawberries and so forth until late autumn when I get the last foxberries and wild mushrooms.

Food philosophy
First visit Nuustaku (town in southern Estonia, now called Otepää) and only then start looking towards Paris for inspiration. Less is more – foremost find, learn and use high quality local produce.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
If we’re lucky we’ll move towards agricultural gathering. It’s an optimistic hope!

TMW special menu
Pulled pork, Klaus’ kimchi and estragon mayo
Pike from Hiiumaa and salted greenery
Curdballs and yoghurt-blackcurrant ice-cream

Korsten, Armastus ja Hea Toit
Põhja pst. 27A

Korsten Armastus ja Hea toit (The Chimney, Love and Good Food) in Tallinn Creative Hub exudes love for tasty food and refreshing beverages.This limestone building used to be the power station’s boiler room and was completed in 1934. The brick chimney was erected in 1948 and was the tallest in the Baltic States at the time, rising to a height of 102.5 metres.

The historical ambience of Kultuurikatel makes it a cozy but at the same time a modern environment to meet up with your friends and family and enjoy our Italian menu and a wide variety of cocktails.

Phone: (+372) 511 7811
Open: Mon-Sun 12PM-11 PM
10% discount to festival pass owners


Korsten, Armastus ja Hea Toit

TMW special menu

Mango and avocado salad with crispy asian chicken
mango, avocado, citrus wedges, spinach leaves, spring onion, lime and chili vinaigrette

Pork chop and sweet potato
Spicy glazed Filipino style pork chop, crispy sweet potatoes, grilled pak-choy, snow peas

Raspberry & passionfruit
crushed meringue, mascarpone cream with fresh passionfruit, raspberry coulis, pomegranate seeds


La Tabla
Telliskivi 60

“Stepping in to La Tabla you enter a foodie’s hike through Latin American cuisine. We offer a little overview of the modern aspect of the cuisine from this region, which you don’t usually come across in Estonia. In our kitchen we combine the latest world trends with a traditional Latin American approach, but we still regard flavours and fresh ingredients to be of utmost importance. If these are also important to you then La Tabla is just the right place to delight your mind and body. Bienvenido a La Tabla!” – Evar Palmi, the chef at La Tabla

Phone: (+372) 5194 3327
Open: Mon-Sat 12PM – 11PM Sun 12PM – 9PM
15% discount to festival pass owners

Evar Palmi

Chef de cuisine Evar Palmi

Favorite raw produce
Corn at the moment, it’s the foundation of our menu

Food philosophy
Put everything that’s in your soul into that plate of food

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Tacos, definitely tacos!

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Jason Larnell Hunter, Shaman Jungle

TMW special menu
Trio – guacamole, tomato-salsa, Cheddar sauce, homemade corn-nachos
Quesadilla – homemade corn tortilla, selection of cheeses, chilli and coriander mayonnaise, pico de gallo, shredded beef, shredded pork carnitas or shredded chicken.
Gourmet taco – handmade corn tortilla with freshly smoked duck fillet, freshly smoked salmon, coconut crusted tiger prawns or slow cooked beef. Served with different salsas and salad.
Kumquat upside down cake, coconut creme anglaise, nuts and berries

Leib Resto ja Aed
Uus 31

‘Leib’ means bread in Estonian and there’s a reason these guys have chosen that name. While creating their own restaurant they had a very definite vision of what they wanted to do. This vision was equal to the word „bread“ – the good old Estonian black bread, which reminds Estonians something homemade, fresh, simple and warm. Their goal has always been to create dishes from simple, local, fresh food, but doing it in a modern way. Bread is the soul of any meal. Leib. Soulful, casual dining.

Open: Tue-Fri 6PM–11PM Sat 12PM – 11PM
Phone: (+372) 611 9026
15% discount to festival pass owners


Kristo Malm

Chef de Cuisine Kristo Malm

Favorite raw produce
For me there is no such thing like favorite raw produce but like I have always said – you can’t make food without butter, salt and love.

Food philosophy
To respect the raw produce and not ruin it.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
For everyday consuming there will be packaged food and fresh food will be more exclusive – a luxury.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
This year I am trying to be more spontaneous and rather listen to artists I have not heard about. I hope to get a great experience and find new favourites.

TMW special menu
Gravad perch with crispy black bread and horseradish cream
Pan-fried duck fillet  with salt baked celery, pumpkin cream and crispy garlic
Dried egg yolk with cherry cream and yogurt sorbet

Mademoiselle café in Solaris
Estonia pst. 9

Café Mademoiselle in Solaris shopping mall is the perfect meeting place in the city center. Whether you are just meeting your friends to catch up with a fresh cup of coffee, business lunch or plan to celebrate with bottle of Champagne, Café Mademoiselle has everything you need. A full a la carte menu, a large selection of drinks, incredibly delicious (addictive) coffee and of course Mademoiselle’s known cakes and pastries.

Phone: (+372) 5385 5744
Open: Mon-Fri 9AM – 9PM  Sat-Sun 10AM – 9PM
15% discount to festival pass owners


Igor Semindeikin

Chef de Cuisine Igor Semindeikin

Favorite raw produce
I can’t choose only one. You can take a product and do something interesting with that. But I love to work with seafood. Only in Estonia, there’s not much variety among fresh seafood. When I worked in Nice, France, well that was perfect time. You went to market in morning and bought fresh fish and made some amazing dishes out of them. And now I only dream about those fishes in France.

Food philosophy
To create something magical out of ordinary products

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Unfortunately I do not believe, that there’ll be somebody eating food in 3000. Simply, I don’t believe, that there’ll be life on Earth at all in year 3000.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Music festival is like a restaurant, you want to try everything. I believe, that all artists are good and talented, but Alisa Vox and Coals are calling me at the moment.

TMW special menu
Fresh salad with Cantaloupe’s melon, strawberries and mozzarella
Grilled salmon fillet with pea cream, broccoli and tomato sauce
Cooling profitrole with ice-cream and fresh berries

Pikk 35

Welcoming and cosy restaurant that offers Middle-Eastern and North-African food.

Phone: (+372) 682 9580
Open:  Mon-Sun 11AM – 12AM
10% discount to festival pass owners

Mahmoud Hammad

Chef de cuisine Mahmoud Hammad

Favorite raw produce
I use cardamom in almost all my dishes. In addition to adding great flavor, it’s also good for health.

Food philosophy
When I started the restaurant, my aim was to bring the flavors I was used to from my childhood to locals, but to do it in an easily accessible and homely way. So, all the dishes we serve are dishes that my mother used to cook or that are inspired by them.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
I’m convinced that human diet will be mostly plant-based and vegetarian. I don’t think people will eat much meat.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
I’m planning to spend most of the time cooking for festival customers, but if I have the time, I’m sure I’ll find plenty to enjoy.

TMW special menu
Mango lassi
Duck Salad
Chilli Lamb
Vegetable Tagine

Suur-Karja 17/19

On Suur-Karja street, with a view on Old Town’s historic buildings and cobblestoned streets is one of the most highly valued restaurants in Estonia MEKK. The name means Modern Estonian Cuisine.
The main chef Rene Uusmees says that the roots of modern Estonian cuisine are in traditions, culture, and the simple wisdom of our grandmothers. “We have a goal of valuing this culture with the masterful skills and technical equipment today so that the result is always distinc, unrepeated and real.”

Open: M​on-Sat 12:00 pm -11:00 pm
Phone: (​+372) 680 6688
15% discount to festival pass owners

Rene Uusmees

Chef de cuisine Rene Uusmees

Favorite raw produce
Domestic white fish, pike-perch, whitefish, pike, Baltic herring, perch, plaice etc.
Everything what is related with sea or water.

Food philosophy
Food has to be real! The presumption is proper ingredient, commitment, clear and pure flavours, honest food. Everyday driving to be more masterful. The most important thing is the flavour.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
I believe that humans will still be eating in year 3000…

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
In Code, Noep, Draper, Evant, Tont, Mart Avi

TMW special menu

Goat cheese cream
crispy rye bread crumble, tarragon, roasted beetroot

Smoked salmon
roasted potato, chives Skyr-cream

Roasted lampreys
golden potato cake, blackened leek

Beef cheek
truffle Béarnaise, parsnip cream, chives braised carrots, crispy kale

Chocolate-truffle cake
wild strawberry-thyme parfait, meringue

Viljandi mnt. 6

A cozy restaurant in Tallinn’s “forest district” Nõmme where you can enjoy memorable dishes and a relaxed atmosphere. In the summertime a terrace and a large garden are open for dining, where you can enjoy spending time in greenery without leaving the city.

Open: Mon-Sat 12:00 pm -10:00 pm Sun 12:00 pm-9:00 pm
Phone: (+372) 631 3001
15% discount to festival pass owners

Juhan Heinsalu

Chef de cuisine Juhan Heinsalu

Favorite raw produce
Different vegetables

Food philosophy
Local and fresh!

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
In every year people will eat more and more different vegetables. Maybe in 3000 vegetables are the most used food at all.

TMW special menu
Seared tuna with cucumber carpaccio and lemon aioli
Slow-baked chicken fillet with assorted vegetables and creamy shellfish sauce
Melon, watermelon and strawberry

Viru väljak 3

The Monaco restaurant and its enticing menu await you on the first floor of the Nordic Hotel Forum. It is an ideal place to relax and unwind right in the heart of the city. Friendly chefs and level of service will surprise you, whether you’re looking for an invigorating breakfast, a tasty business lunch, a gourmet dinner or simply a fine glass of wine. The style is modern fusion – in other words, a fresh take on classical and international dishes.

Open: M​on–Sat 6:00 pm –11:00 pm
Phone: (​+372) 622 2963
15% discount to festival pass owners


Virko Tugevus

Chef de Cuisine Virko Tugevus

Favorite raw produce
At the moment, my favorite ingredient is fresh pike-perch caught from Lake Peipus. I myself am a passionate fisherman and I know that this fish has quite an attitude, and in contrast to catching many other kinds of fish, catching pike-perch requires a lot of knowledge and skill. Real fishermen consider pike-perch to be one of the best fish to fry – its meat is white, and it has relatively few bones, and even those can be easily removed.

Food philosophy
In my kitchen, I always use ingredients that are fresh and as local as possible.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
I hope that in the year 3000, people will still be able to catch and enjoy pike-perch from Lake Peipus. Scientifically speaking, all the prerequisites are fortunately there ‒ pike-perch like warmth, and their population numbers depend greatly on water temperature. As it’s predicted that the climate will get warmer, at least the pike-perch’s prospects are good!

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
As we’re always very busy at the restaurant during Tallinn Music Week, I probably won’t make it to any of the concerts again, unfortunately. But because there are lots of Tallinn Music Week fans on our hotel staff, they’re always happy to share their concert experiences and music recommendations.

TMW special menu
Scallops, asparagus, butternut squash velouté and lime caviar
Confit of duck leg, celeriac, grilled pineapple and roasted foie gras
Crème Brûlée, passion fruit and spiced syrup

Ranna tee 3

In the Spring of 2014 opened NOA is a seaside restaurant on the border of Tallinn and Viimsi, seating 80 guests, plus more 100 seats on the terrace.The NOA dining room has been built on three different levels allowing every guest in a addition to the taste sensation also have stunning view of the Old Town silhouette across the bay.

Open: Mon-Thu 12.00 pm-11:00 pm Fri-Sat 12:00 pm-12:00 am Sun 12:00 pm-10:00 pm
Phone: (+372) 508 0589
15% discount to festival pass owners

Tõnis Siigur

Chef de Cuisine Tõnis Siigur

Favorite raw produce
Vegetables. Freshness!

Food philosophy
To use complicated produce, but at the same time healthy and seasonal ones.

TMW special menu
Black Angus “RAW” rye chips, roquette, parmesan
Fried pike-perch,  ramson potato pureé, green asparagus, seaweed dust, ramson caper, green apple
Josper Banana whiskey-caramel sauce, lemongrass ice-cream

Noodle Box
Telliskivi 24

All vegan Asian fusion.
Good place best food.

Open: Mon-Thur 12PM – 9PM Fri-Sat 12PM – 12 AM Sun 12PM – 9PM
10% discount to festival pass owners

Kaido Kivitoa

Chef de cuisine Kaido Kivitoa

Favorite raw produce
Sichuan pepper, god knows why

Food philosophy
Eat your girl right.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Ellerhein girl’s choir

TMW special menu
Noodles no. 1

Köleri 1

A a cafe and a shop that got its name about 8 years ago, when Tallinn lacked a Neighborhood Organic Place. A neighborhood place, where locals meet, many friends are made and good time is spent, where everybody feels welcome, being that a young family, somebody with a pet or somebody who just came from a nice stroll from Kadriorg Park that is so close by. Organic means that the best local and organic, where possible (or at least from small producers), produce is used for making everyday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also sold in a little shop that resides in the same place with the cafe.

Open: Mon-Fri 8:00 am-9:00 pm Sat-Sun 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Phone: +372 603 2270
15% discount to festival pass owners

Mait Mägi

Chef de cuisine Mait Mägi

Favorite raw produce
Salt and sugar, it’s impossible to prepare anything without them. These are little helping tools that help to polish the taste.

Food philosophy
First you need to be in a good mood, because the emotions you carry will be transfered into dishes you’re making and will affect the result. The second important factor is time: precision and patience – if you’re in a hurry or even forget something entirely, the dish definitely won’t come out as good as when cooking in full confidence and cheerfulness.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
In year 3000 people will be eating the same dishes, definitely there will be more vegans and insects will be eaten because of the enormous growth of meat industry.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
If I will have time then 615, Azma, Iiris Vesik, Paul Oja and definitely some alternative rock and indie band  – I saw a lot of good names.

TMW special menu

Ostrich carpaccio
Russian-Korean kohlrabi salad with chilli prawns
Black tapioca salad


Papa Joe
Sadama 25/4

Papa Joe Falafel & Hummus offers fresh and hand made falafel, hummus and baba ganoush. Falafels are made on the spot and guests are welcome to try lebanese specialities while waiting.

Phone: (+372) 5685 4660
Open: Mon-Sat 11AM – 7PM Sun 12PM – 6PM
10% discount to festival pass owners

Joseph Abouraad

Chef de cuisine  Joseph Abouraad

Favorite raw produce
Garlic, because of the many benefits.

Food philosophy
Our food philosophy is to serve you the freshest available.
Food is about life and sharing!

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Hopefully also falafel and hummus as both are made from chickpeas and they were found in the late Neolithic era (about 3500 BCE) almost 6000 years ago, so why not another 1000 years?
Falafel and hummus have been speculated to date back to Pharaonic Egypt.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Black Danials

TMW special menu
Grilled Chicken skewer with bulgur and sun-dried tomato hummus and salad

Üliõpilaste tee 1

Pirosmani restaurant is located in a picturesque area where the ferro-concrete rhythm of the city is replaced by harmonious chords of natural sounds. Woodpeckers nest nearby, and some of our visitors are especially lucky to enjoy a dinner or supper while listening to the sounds of nature.

Georgian cuisine is one of the most exciting cuisines in the world. It is a gastronomic symphony where each component plays its part. Add to it the traditional Georgian hospitality, home-like atmosphere of the restaurant, and there you have it – the recipe of magnificent mood with tasty and healthy food. The only way to eat is with kind thoughts!

Open: Mon-Sun 10AM – 11PM
Phone: (+372) 639 3246
15% discount to festival pass owners

Anton Muraveiko, Nato Shonia, Dmitry Prohhorov

Chef de cuisine Nato Shonia

Favorite raw produce
Nuts, wine and pomegranate – the products are used in early Georgian dishes and are the most characteristic to the cuisine.

Food philosophy
Both challenge and philosophy – to use spices during a period when vegetables and spices are not available. Spices elaborate and make the dishes come alive!

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Tasty and biologically clean produce

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Flamingods,  Tau, Mikko Joensuu, Roxy Jules

TMW special menu
Pork shashlick

Renard Coffee Shop
Telliskivi 62

Renard Coffee Shop is situated in the rooms of 150 years old limestone building that was used until recently as a repair house for railway wagons.Repairing and restoring are still a vital part of the cafe’s everyday life as custom cafe racers, Renard design motorbikes and very old motorcycles are built and restored next door.Craftsmanship is also honored on the second floor of the building by old school barber shop, jewellery studio, skateboard shop and a record store.

Renard Coffee Shop itself is specialized in serving the best coffee selection in Tallinn brought from the small but skilled Nordic roasters.
Phone: (+372) 5680 0412
Open: Mon-Fri 9 AM – 7PM  Sat-Sun 11 AM – 7 PM
5% discount to festival pass owners

Barista Sille Küttner

Head barista Sille Küttner

Favorite raw produce
I am one of those few people lucky enough to work with my favourite produce every day. Because I work in a coffee shop, it is natural that a high quality and good coffee is my favourite product. There are endless choices of coffee that I would say are my favourite, but it always depends on the season and also the roast profile. Every roaster has their own signature and therefore coffee from the same crop and region can taste quite different if roasted by different people using a variety of roasting profiles. It is the nuances in coffee that really make life interesting!

Coffee philosophy
For me, coffee helps creating bonds between friends and loved ones or even with oneself. I remember well my first contact with coffee – I was just a little girl in my grandmother’s kitchen. I recollect her as a hard-working woman, who would constantly keep herself busy. However, when it was time for coffee, she would always take a break. I never saw her drink coffee and not fully commit to it, usually she would sit behind a table, drink the hot brew and talk to me about the world, culture or our family history.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
This is a very complicated question. Scientists have already said that about 100 years from now coffee will be extinct, as will many other species. Who knows, maybe we will be drinking artificial coffee that will give us the same effect. Or perhaps we will not drink it but eat it in the distant future? Or maybe people will finally realise that nature is our most cherished resource and will figure out a way to save coffee from extinction.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
I plan to see a lot! I will try to be as spontaneous as possible and see bands that I have never heard of before. I think that would be an exciting way to experience new music.

TMW special menu
Espresso – Bourbon and Caturra variety from Antigua Guatemala, roasted in Oslo at Talor&Jørgen roastery. Full-bodied, milk chocolate and marzipan taste.

Filter coffee (V60/Chemex) – Longberry coffee bean from La Linda farm in Caranavi Bolivia. Roasted at Drop Coffee in Stockholm. Notes of sweet apricot, ripe cherry and plum.

Cold Brew – SL28 variety from Ernesto Menéndez farm in Santa Ana El Salvador. Roasted at Drop Coffee. Taste reminds you of honey and sweet cloudberry. Enjoy it chilled with ice or as a cocktail.

Deserves a try – our chocolate cherry cake “My Cherry Amour”. Pairs great with hand brewed V60 coffee or with a chilled Cold Brew cocktail.


Restoran JUUR
Valukoja 10

Restaurant JUUR bows at Nordic cuisine concept where we appreciate the greatness of organic local ingredients at artistic setting on a handmade plate. Restaurant JUUR chef Kaido Metsa is the Chef of Estonia 2016, 2nd place, who worships our ancestors religion for molecular gastronomy in a contemporary way by following and enhancing the original tastes of every herb and root. Restaurant JUUR goes back in time to waken our sleeping senses in food, beverages and coffee art.

Open: Mon: 9AM – 6PM Tue-Sat: 9AM – 10PM
Phone: (+372) 607 0705
10% discount to festival pass owners

Kaido Metsa

Chef de cuisine Kaido Metsa

Favorite raw produce
I like the produce that is not widely known and used from Estonian forests and Northern region. I love speciality. I believe we have many so-called hidden truffles. Also, I believe in the appeal of Estonian produce.

Food philosophy
My philosophy is Estonian and New Nordic cuisine. I’m spiritually linked to understanding to why we eat at all. Honor the produce!

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Wisely and only what is truly beneficial. Hopefully it won’t be in the size of pill. Perhaps we’ll get the nutrition through plants’ vibrations.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Maarja Nuut, Trad.attack, Curly Strings

TMW special menu

Rye porridge
Salted quince and lemon, Kalamatsi goat cheese and crispy bacon
Tanker Estonian Ale “Sauna Session”

Organic lamb from Hiiumaa and smoked heart
“Ash potato”, parsnip and onion skin dust
Tanker Stout “Melody”

Bread cream
Chaga ice-cream, blackcurrant and flax seed
City Cider Õunasiider Mustsõstraga


Vene 7

As a result of the ideas and the work of three waiters, restaurant Ribe opened its doors in 2007. Their ambition is to offer guests high quality food and service in a pleasant environment, in surroundings in which we are confident. The menu of Ribe is characterized by fresh, seasonal and definitely domestic raw produce. Naturally, they also add the tastes and techniques of European cuisines.

Open: Mon-Fri 12AM – 2:30PM and 5PM – 10PM Sat: 12PM – 11PM
Phone: (+372) 631 3084
10% discount to festival pass owners

Radoslav Mitro

Chef de cuisine Radoslav Mitro

Favorite raw produce
Good vegetables. They are hard to come by and taste just as amazing as meat when treated correctly.

Food philosophy
Good products taste good! I don’t mess around with good stuff too much.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Maybe each other?

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Someone new I haven’t heard before.

TMW special menu
Tartare of Saaremaa’s beef with caper puree and marinated shallots
Braised ox cheek with black trompette mushrooms and cranberries
Rhubarb with milk ice-cream, oats and parsley

Tina 21

Riis is cosy Asian food restaurant. Carefully selected fresh produce is compiled into delicious Thai and Vietnam dishes by chef de cuisine Kadri Tran. Only in Riis you’ll be able to taste the authentic rice!

Open: Mon-Fri 11AM – 10PM Sat-Sun 12PM – 10PM
Phone: (+372) 6427025
15% discount to festival pass owners


Kadri Tran

Chef de cuisine Kadri Tran

Favorite raw produce
This year my focus is mainly on the street food. Good food makes people happy. A small part of your day gets filled with great pleasure while you taste something that puts a smile on your face and brings joy to your senses. The greatness of street food is in its simplicity. I have travelled in different countries where street food has a very important role in people’s lives. And during that I have discovered the truth. The actual truth is in the little details. It lies in the simple and authentic ingredients, in the picturesque mornings, in the endless bustle on Asian streets that makes you wonder if they ever do anything else but eat? It is the streets, where you truly understand the nature of the county’s cuisine.

Food is my passion and with passion you can only do what you really love. I am no stranger to late evening hours or even early mornings and during these hours my chef’s lifestyle has brought me to close contact with the local culture, finding myself wondering through the streets looking for something real to taste. Real food, real life, real moment! The moment when you feel like in heaven with your stomach and mind filled with ultimate pleasure. And now I am more than happy to share these moments and tastes with you.

Food philosophy
Great ingredients, simple and fresh tastes and the truth that i just love my job as a chef.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Probably most of the people will be vegetarians.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
SU—MU, Jumo

TMW special menu
Prawns in thai basil sauce
Salmon in tamarind sauce with lemongrass, served with steamed jasmine rice
Black rice and coconut pudding

Vase 14

Restaurant Salt is situated close to the city center in Kadriorg. At Salt we offer great food and wine in a comfortable atmosphere. Our menu features classic dishes across the world which are made using the freshest ingredients from local markets and other European countries. When selecting our produce we always pay attention to quality and the time of the year.Salt can seat up to 30 people for lunch and dinner and everybody has a chance to see how their food is being prepared in the open kitchen.

Open: Tue-Fri 12PM -2PM and 5PM – 10:30PM Sat 5PM – 10:30PM
Phone: (+372) 5188 510
15% discount to festival pass owners

Vladimir Proskurnin

Chef de Cuisine Vladimir Proskurnin

Favorite raw produce
ginger-warmness, lemongrass- fragrance, chilli-sparkle

Food philosophy
Restaurant should be paradise of culinary creativity.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Answers from our team: conserves, molecular gastronomy, same as now, going back to them roots…

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?

TMW special menu
Celeriac baked in hay with honey and buttermilk
Freshly smoked salmon fillet with german style celery-lemon salad and black garlic powder
Pavlova with lemon foam

Estonia pst 9

Genuine Japanese cuisine right in Tallinn’s city centre. The restaurant offers widely known sushi as well as other exciting Japanese dishes. Our great gastronomic masterpiece is ramen – a popular Japanese noodle soup. We prepare our noodles fresh, just as we cook the broth, following the traditional family recipes of the Tokumaru’s Japanese chef Daigo Takagi. Tokumaru is a groovy place for both a relaxing lunch break and a more formal business lunch. Both cinema goers as well as shoppers enjoy stopping by. For a soothing ambience in the evening one could go for a table for two, or spend their time joyfully at the large table.

Open: Mon-Thu 11:AM-10PM  Fri-Sat 11AM – 11PM Sun 11AM – 9PM
Phone: (+372) 5770 2405
10% discount to festival pass owners


Daigo Takagi

Chef de cuisine Daigo Takagi

Favorite produce
Miso. It is healthy, tasty, and also vegan. Suitable for making soups, marinades, sauces. Nice with meat but also fish. Love it!

Food philosophy
Fresh and high quality ingredients + some love makes magic.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
I think that in a year 3000 you can home order fresh pizza straight from Napoli.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
I would love to see an Estonian artist NOËP live finally. Otherwise I’ll let TMW surprise me.

TMW special menu
Hako sushi with alburi trout
Square form sushi with slightly grilled trout and chili-garlic sauce

Shiitake tempura maki
Maki roll with shiitake mushrooms, broccoli, kanpyo, avocado and garlic sauce

Maki roll with tempura chicken
chicken, avocado, kanpyo, green salad

Pirita tee 26E

In the summer of 2015 the legendary Tuljak reopened its doors. The restored building originates from the 60s and is by now under the protection as cultural heritage. Tuljak’s spacious rooms accommodate up to 150 guests, in addition to the large terraces and grill area, where you can place up to 150 friends during summertime. The heart of the house is the kitchen of large capacity, offering both new and old flavours with a touch of newness and sweet nostalgia.
Open: Mon-Thu 12PM – 11PM Fri-Sat 12PM – 12PM Sun 12PM – 10PM
Phone: (+372) 5302 2020
15% discount to festival pass owners

Lauri-Alvari Vahemaa

Chef de cuisine Lauri Alvari Vahemaa

Favorite raw produce
My favorite is an egg – it ties together almost everything and is an important component in many great dishes.

Food philosophy
Using simple, tasty and high quality produce and take them to another level by using the right techniques

TMW special menu
Grilled Romaine salad
BBQ lamb
Ultimate Brulée

Kadaka tee 141

Umami is the second restaurant of the two “food nuts” Janno Lepik and Kristjan Peäske. Key words of Umami are colourful food, made from quality, fresh and seasonal produce. Selection of beverages varies from freshly squeezed juices to craft beer, from carefully selected wines to housemade spirits.

Open: Tue-Thu 12PM – 9PM, Fri-Sat 12AM – 10PM, Sun 12PM – 9PM
Phone: (+372) 600 1035
15% discount to festival pass owners

Janno Lepik
Chef de cuisine Janno Lepik

Favorite raw produce
Besides local small producers, I am really keen and inspired by all Asian and Latin American influence at the moment.

Food philosophy
Our passion is colorful food made of high-quality, fresh and seasonal raw materials. Food matters, not snobbing around. We offer honest and simple, yet tasteful dishes.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
I believe and hope that in the future people will make more healthy and sustainable decisions, comparing to today, but only god knows what will really happen.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
TMW is always full of interesting events and artists. I am kind of an omnivorous when it comes to music, so usually I tend to decide depending on my current mood.

TMW special menu
Crabmeat salad with wasabimayo and avocado
Cod cheeks with green peas cauliflower, lemon butter sauce and crispy fish
Marinated oven-onion with mushroom ragout and vegetable chips
Passiontart with meringue

Vegan Restaurant V
Rataskaevu 10/12

Vegan Restaurant V is a small and cosy vegan restaurant in Tallinn Old Town, offering different foods from around the world. All the food served is 100% vegan, it means everything is dairy, egg and meat free.

Open: Sun-Thu 12PM – 11PM Fri-Sat 12PM – 12AM
Phone: (+372) 626 9087
5% discount to festival pass owners

Mikk Mägi

Chef de cuisine Mikk Mägi

Favorite raw produce
Tofu, cashew and chickpeas. I love the ingredients because they can be great basis for a lof of differend foods from desserts to salty foods. Its also easy to create different textures from those foods. I still discover and learn new recepies where to use these ingredients.

Food philosophy
To offer people good quality vegan food. To surprise people with what can be made only out of plants.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Vegan food.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Estoner, Eeter, Freakangel, INDREK SPUNGIN, Kapitan Korsakov, Liblikas, Mick Pedaja, Shortparis, ST CHEATERSBURG ja Three Leg Dog.

TMW special menu
Smoky tomato and vegan cheese soup
Tofu seaweed burger with oven baked sweet potatoes
Banana cupcake with oven baked apple frosting

Von Krahli AED
Rataskaevu 8

Everyone is welcome at Von Krahl Aed: vegans and omnivores, paleo-enthusiasts and wine lovers, monks and sybarites. Our menu allows you to stay true to your eating habits while gathering round a common table in a romantic setting. We prefer Nordic freshness and the pure taste of the ingredients. We prefer local. We prefer organic. We prefer balanced food. Welcome to the Embassy of Pure Food!

Open: Mon-Sun 12PM – 12AM
Phone: (+372) 626 9088
5% discount to festival pass owners


Maru Metspalu ja Tanel Aumere

Chef de cuisine Maru Metspalu

Favourite raw produce
There is a whole galaxy of favourite flavours which alter and are added according to the season: the bittersweetness of parsnip, sugary beetroot, the sour and vitamin rich spruce tip, as well as crispy winter radish, royal toned cabbage and ivory skinned Jerusalem artichokes. The first exhalation of the grass-bladed and strong wild garlic. There is no certain one, but if perhaps, raspberries – these are my love. And also ruffe with its spotted coat.  I’d rather say that the right moment and a mouthful of good different tastes is what becomes a favourite.

Food philosophy
It all comes down to you have to take care of what you love. I’ve brought onions from lake Peipsi for almost ten years now, because I love onions so much as well as the culture there. By taking this little trip I help to preserve the area. It’s very fashionable right now to talk about keeping to the season and organic food, but why make such big words when it’s elementary.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
As a bitter (taste loving) person I tend to think that humans, as we know, will not exist in the year 3000. If we do not very rapidly and decisively change our over consuming behavior, then we won’t exist even in a few hundred years. And even that’s probably too optimistic. A few hundred years from now, if not before, we will have large-scaled protein rich bug farms and parsnip will have become a real and rare delicacy!

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
I have to hope that someone will drag me along. I especially like City Stage concerts, which are casual and great to attend with a child.

TMW special menu
Radish nest
Zucchini spaghettis with radishes and cream of sunflower seeds (V,G)
Põhjala Virmalised IPA

Fake risotto of sunflower and freekeh, kale, brocoli and enoki mushrooms (V)
Fake risotto of sunflower and freekeh, kale, brocoli, enoki mushrooms and fried smelt (L,E)
Põhjala Meri, Gose, with coriander seeds and himalayan pink salt

Malt and white chocolate lava cake with raw buckwheat and Jerusalem artichoke granola, molass, caramel and Põhjala Bänger sorbet
Põhjala Kalana, Brown Ale with with prunes, vanilla, and habanero chillies




Vanaema Juures
Rataskaevu 10

Estonian cuisine – traditional, grand, homely food. Dishes are prepared from recipes that are inherited from previous generations. Just like at grandma’s place.

Phone: (+372) 626 9080
Open: Mon-Sun 12PM – 10PM
5% discount to festival pass owners

Maru Metspalu ja Tanel Aumere

Chef de cuisine  Tanel Aumere

Favorite raw produce
Meat, as it gives you a variation of techniques to prepare the raw produce.

Food philosophy
It’s quite simple – I have to like the food. But usually, I go two ways  – first, to the garden and then towards street food.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
Hard to say, but I guess it has nothing in common with today’s food culture.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
I haven’t had time to go through the lineup yet, but since I like electronic music, I’m sure I’ll find something from that sphere.


Vabaduse väljak 10

A favorite meeting point since 1937. Wabadus is a cozy yet elegant place for enjoying a nice meal or relaxing with friends over a cup of coffee. It is situated in the heart of Tallinn, right on the Freedom Square. In the same premises as its first predecessor cafe Kultas. Our menu is a mixture of European and global tastes, offering both experience and old favorites.

Open: Mon-Thu 8:30AM – 11PM Fri 8:30AM – 1AM Sun 11AM – 1AM
Phone: (+372) 660 4019
15% discount to festival pass owners

Fred Ehand

Chef de cuisine Fred Ehand

Favorite raw produce
My preference is different types of meat, because one can easily prepare delicious dishes out of it.

Food philosophy
Simplicity is the key to every dish.

What will humans be eating in year 3000?
I wishfully believe that humans will be eating as healthily as possible and looking which way the trends are going, it can easily be that we will be eating insects because of their nutritional value.

Which artist are you planning to hear during TMW?
Being a aficionado of rap and bass, I would love to make it to MHKL and Metsakutsu shows.

TMW special menu
Goat cheese salat with toasted beetroots, cucumber noodles, zucciini ja sesam seeds sauce
Spicy pumpkin soup with lemongrass, ginger ja pumpkin seeds
Juicy duck confit with baby carrots, plum souce and hot red sauce
Pavlova chaos