Tours for Press & Delegates | Tallinn Music Week
2-8 April 2018 – Tallinn, Estonia

Tours for Press & Delegates

Sign up for the tours at our Info Desk at Nordic Hotel Forum or by e-mail.


Arvo Pärt Centre

Friday, March 31

Arvo Pärt is the most performed living composer of the world according to Bachtrack for the 5th year in row. This is a unique chance to take a peak into the sanctuary in Laulasmaa, a short drive out of town to the beautiful coast, where the Arvo Pärt Centre is dedicated to preserving and researching the creative heritage of Estonia’s greatest composer. The Centre was founded in 2010 by Arvo Pärt and his family and is currently not officially open to the public yet. 
The tour will last appr. 2.5 hours with travel time.

Bus leaves from Nordic Hotel Forum at 14.00

KGB museum

Saturday, April 1

Once upon a time, a hotel called Viru was built. The year was 1972 and just a little less than 20 years of the Soviet period was left to endure. A hotel, good enough to accommodate foreigners, also had to be good enough for the national security bodies – the KGB … Welcome to a fascinating world where an hour spent will make this unbelievable era understandable and tangible!

Pick-up from Nordic Hotel Forum lobby at 11.15 to Sokos Hotel Viru (just across the street from Nordic Hotel Forum)

Urban tour in Kopli

Saturday, April 1

We will be investigating Kopli peninsula in North-Tallinn, that is going through rapid gentrification at the moment. It is the last chance to see the remnants of a former Soviet Union’s border zone, where the inhabitants of the neighbourhood could not go swimming at the beaches next to their houses as this would have been lethal for them. Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Kopli peninsula gained a reputation as the ghetto of Tallinn due to the lower mainly Russian-speaking social classes, who inhabited the area. “Kopli narkomaan” (Kopli junky) is a term, that started to mark people, who were ground between the wheels of neo-liberal capitalism.

Currently, the area is going through the process of social cleansing and huge gentrification as all the old wooden houses are being demolished and replaced with new development.

Madli Maruste is an urban sociologist, who works as a lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts and collaborates with Estonian Urban Lab.

Bus leaves from Nordic Hotel Forum at 12.00

Tallinn Old Town walking tour

Saturday, April 1

Have a closer look at our lovely old town with a guided walking tour to get an insight into all the secret corners and the many legends. As it happens many of the new venues of our City Stage programme in the Old Town will be up and running during the tour, so you might just stumble upon a free concert as an added bonus.

Pick-up from Nordic Hotel Forum lobby at 13.00

Telliskivi – an insider’s look into Tallinn’s hipster hotspot

Saturday, April 1

Telliskivi is the new creative hotspot of Tallinn with many unusual shops, creative offices, cafés and restaurants, even two theatre halls. Take a look behind the curtains and discover what’s cooking at some of the friendly inventive companies in the quarter. Telliskivi, by the way, is also the office of Tallinn Music Week!

Bus leaves from Nordic Hotel Forum at 12.30

Estonian Museum of Music and Theatre

Saturday, April 1

A short walk from the hotel is the Estonian Museum of Music and Theatre that has just completed a new exposition – not even open for the public yet. The museum offers an exclusive sneak peek to TMW delegates into its collection of original scores of Estonian music and more.

Please gather at 13:45 to leave the hotel for a 10-minute walk to the museum.

The organizer has the right to make changes in the schedule.