Tallinn Music Week Films programme at “Sõprus” Cinema: vast human flow, inconvenient truths and larger-than-life rock stars | Tallinn Music Week
2-8 April 2018 – Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn Music Week Films programme at “Sõprus” Cinema: vast human flow, inconvenient truths and larger-than-life rock stars

The music and city culture festival Tallinn Music Week that celebrates its 10-year jubilee on 2-8 April also features a film programme. During the festival week, five documentaries will be screened at “Sõprus” Cinema, covering topics from the natural environment and visions of the post-capitalist world to the heroes of the post-rock’n’roll era. Film screenings will be introduced by their authors and main characters as well as film critics.

TMW Films programme opens on Monday, 2 April with An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, a sequel to the sensational documentary An Inconvenient Truth that was released a dozen years ago and featured Al Gore’s lectures on the environment. The environment is also in the centre of Chasing Coral, a film with astonishing scenery that explores whether and how it is still possible to save the coral reefs – the underwater miracles dying at record speed. The vast human flow of our times is mapped in Human Flow, directed by Ai Weiwei, one of the most vocal dissidents in China and a superstar of modern art.

The programme also features two documentaries on larger-than-life culture hackers: The Goodiepal Equation on the millionaire musician, artist and futurist Goodiepal van den Dobbelsteen, and More Than Life with a message of individualism on the left side of the norms from the last real Estonian rockstar, the frontman of Psychoterror Freddy Grenzmann.

TMW Films programme at “Sõprus” Cinema on 2-6 April

Monday, 2 April at 9 pm
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017)

Remember the year 2006? It had gotten so bad in terms of climate change that a whole film was put together from the former presidential candidate Al Gore’s lectures. An Inconvenient Truth became a sensation, educating, irritating and bringing together millions all over the world together for debate, rounding it up with an Academy Award for the best documentary feature. What kind of an impact did it all have and has anything changed since Gore asks a dozen years later in the appropriately-titled sequel An Inconvenient Sequel.


Tuesday, 3 April at 9 pm
The Goodiepal Equation (2017)

The environment is going down the drain and much of our culture has become numb entertainment for the masses. Do not worry, as along comes a self-titled renaissance-man, musician, artist, culture hacker and futurist Goodiepal. A man who hid money in the packaging of his albums. The film is as crazy and weird as its titular character – in the best possible sense. This is an unconventional portrait of an unconventional man, with the ability to cause both admiration and alienation, often at the very same time. By the way, during his travels all across Europe, Goodiepal also visits our very own Kumu art museum in Tallinn.

The author of the movie is Sami Sänpäkkilä, boss of the Finnish record label Fonal Records.


Wednesday, 4 April at 9 pm
Human Flow (2017)

While Europe still grapples with immigration, this is only a small part of a growing global refugee crisis. Millions leave their homes, be the reason decaying environment, war, poverty or just the promising call of a better life elsewhere. Ai Weiwei, one of the most vocal dissidents in China, itself the frontrunner of instate migration, and a superstar of modern art paints an epic yet thoughtful picture of the vast human flow. To make this overarching and truly global film, the crew travelled through 23 countries.


Thursday, 5 April at 7 pm
Chasing Coral (2017)

A decade and a half ago, Pixar’s Finding Nemo awed both the young and the old with its depiction of an astonishing underwater world. This beautiful animation might only be a fantasy in the near future though, as the world’s seas are in great trouble due to human activity, and the corals are dying at unprecedented speed. It was just a year ago the largest coral in the world, the Great Barrier Reef, was cautioned to be in a terminal condition. In this film filled with mesmerising images, a team of scientists, divers and photographers set out to discover, if and how these underwater miracles might be saved.


Friday, 6 April at 7 pm
More Than Life (2018)

Freddy Grenzmann is the last Estonian rockstar. He is a poet and a singer in the punk-rock band Psychoterror. The term rockstar stands for a phenomenon that is outside the norms of tradition and is larger than life. What can be said about Freddy is that he is not normal neither on stage nor in life.

His creation and life are the same. He seems to be someone with everything always at stake, constantly walking on the edge. What makes Freddy interesting is not social or textual love for the game, but the quantity he has put into the game, the probability of losing oneself totally and the depth of indicative humane or metaphysical anguish. This is a story about the last rockstar and poet, his work and anatomy of a punk band.

The cast includes members of the band, Freddy Grenzmann, Lauri Leis, Margus Müil, Sven Liba, Sven Kimmel and special quest stars Hasso Krull, Koit Raudsepp, Marko Mäemets, Marko Mägi, Raul Saaremets, Raul Velbaum, Siim Nestor, Valner Valme, Villu Tamme and others.

Authors: Indrek Spungin and Taavi Arus


More information about TMW Films

Tickets to the TMW Films programme screenings are available online at Piletilevi and on the spot at “Sõprus” Cinema for 5 euros.

Film screenings are free of charge for the Priority Pass’ holders. Priority Passes can be bought for 150 euros from the TMW web store.