John Robb: “In all great art, there are no borders” | Tallinn Music Week
2-8 April 2018 – Tallinn, Estonia

John Robb: “In all great art, there are no borders”

In all great art, there are no borders. An immigration of ideas is the key and an open mind is an open heart. In the modern world where populism and cynicism run amok in music and life, it’s great to see an event moving forwards untainted by the nervous breakdown of modern times. Tallinn Music Week is fast forwarding to a far better future. It understands the music is the key. The fluidity of ideas and emotions of the good stuff.

Classical orchestras jam with rappers, technology is threaded with mystical ancient folk, bands play stunning old cinemas, dive bars and open squares. The cobbles of a beautiful old city echo to high decibel of beautiful noise in a life-affirming party of music, ideas and impassioned talk.

Way more than just a music conference, the boundary-breaking TMW is in the premier league of music events not just by its sheer ambition and scale of music. culture and creativity that it celebrates. It’s also this open-minded spirit and genre breaking ideal of collaboration that not only sees the myriad of stages in the beautiful Estonian capital full of music from classical to hardcore from hip hop to left field and sometimes all merged into one but a genuine positive spirit that seems to be infusing the forward thinking of the government and society of its host country. In a world where the doors seem to be closing and borders coming down TMW is bucking the trend and inspiring the real future for music, culture and the kind of lives that we want to lead.

Tallinn Music Week knows that a broken world needs a culture hug.