Chamber Choir Sireen to release a debut album ’Terra Incognita’ with a special performance on 18th September | Tallinn Music Week
2-8 April 2018 – Tallinn, Estonia

Chamber Choir Sireen to release a debut album ’Terra Incognita’ with a special performance on 18th September

Estonian Chamber Choir Sireen, who gained international attention after the bold cross-genre collaboration with highly influential UK post punk band The Membranes, releases their first album ’Terra Incognita’ that includes two tracks featuring Estonian electronic music group Algorütmid. The choir is presenting their debut album in Tallinn on Sept 18th.

The album contains 19 tracks, among them original music from a new generation of talented Estonian composers Maria Kõrvits and Sander Pehk that have previously only been performed by the choir at Tallinn Music Week. The album also contains music from renowned Estonian and international composers, such as Tõnu Kõrvits, Eric Whitacre and more.

Both electro-choir tracks are a joint creation of composer Sander Pehk and Algorütmid. The lyrics of the more recent ’Сожаления’ (’Regrets’) are written by Vadim Ivanov, the frontman of the Estonian post punk band Junk Riot.

Sireen is a relatively new phenomena in the Estonian music scene, that has gained much attention after distinctive performances within Tallinn Music Week’s Classical Music Rave in 2105 and presenting The Membranes’ Mercury Prize nominated album ’Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ with Mancunian post punk troopers at a very special Universe: Explained gig last autumn.

The Membranes and Sireen joint single ‘The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light’ / ‘(5776) The Breathing Song’  has already been remixed by an English composer Clint Mansell, who is known for the scores of such films as ’Requiem for a Dream’ and ’Black Swan’.

The choir is a group of 20 women, led by young conductors Tiiu Sinipalu and Ülle Tuisk, that takes special pride in working with young Estonian composers and with nontraditional partners and musicians across different genres. Sireen has also been succesful in choir competitions, winning the 1st prize at the Estonian Chamber Choir Festival (2016), 2nd prize at the International Choir Festival “Tallinn 2015” and “Tallinn 2013”.

Sireen at Tallinn Music Week 2015 Classical Music Rave. Photo: Rauno Salumets

The album will be on sale in record stores across Estonia starting from 19th September.

Sireen presents their debut album ’Terra Incognita’ on Sept 18th at 5pm in Tallinn Philharmonic Society (Pikk 26, Tallinn). Tickets for €10 and €12 euros are available through Estonian Piletilevi.
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